At KBP we are an Essential Service able to help with any plumbing, drainage and roofing emergencies that you may have during level 4. Normal rates apply and you can contact us on 215 7175.



  • Upgrade to gas hot water
  • Install and service gas hob
  • Annual service of gas heaters & BBQ
  • Service and repair of gas appliances
  • Medical air specialists

Gas - its dangerous stuff.


Installed and used correctly it can be one of the most efficient forms of energy. KBP are trained and experienced in installing, commissioning and servicing gas appliances. Many appliances need modified to ensure maximum efficiency and that's something we are very good at. Gas fireplaces in particular, should be checked and serviced annually to ensure they are operating efficiently.


There are more gas appliances around than most people think. Portable heaters, patio heaters, lights, fireplaces and even BBQs, they all need checking and servicing from time to time. Call us to ensure your gas appliance is safe and efficient. 





Rinnai_gas_.jpgUp to 30% of household energy costs can be for hot water alone. There are several options for heating hot water and gas is becoming increasingly popular. At KBP we can upgrade your existing hot water supply to an instantaneous gas system. You pay only for heating water that you use and it often results in an increase of hot water pressure, not to mention extra cupboard space!




Patient-receiving-oxygen--008.jpgAnother area we specialise in, is the installation and servicing of Medical Air systems in Hospitals and medical rooms. KBP is an approved contractor and the leading local provider of services in this area. We work with industry specialists to provide a full service solution.

Gas Problems?

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