At KBP we are an Essential Service able to help with any plumbing, drainage and roofing emergencies that you may have during level 4. Normal rates apply and you can contact us on 215 7175.



  • Investigating and solving roof leaks
  • Repairs to all types of roofing 
  • Spouting and down pipes
  • Internals gutters
  • Specialist roof flashings

A roof or spouting leak can be very frustrating - we understand. 


When most of our senior staff completed their training, Plumbers did all the roofing - there was no such thing as a 'roofer'. KBP maintains those traditional values, believing that there is a high level of experience and skill involved in identifying causes of leaks and providing a long term reliable solution to solve them. Southland's extreme climate means understanding water and wind dynamics is fundamental to understanding why leaks occur.


Today, roofers are very efficient at roof installations but lack understanding and experience in leak repair. KBP have roofers trained in traditional practices. With over 100 years combined experience in roof repair and 20 years in business we know what will last and what won't.


DSCF0013.JPGWhether you have a small leak at home, or major issues on a large industrial building, KBP have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a long term reliable solution.



DSCF0003.JPGMany houses around our region that were built in the late 1970s to early 1990s have Decromastic stone chip roofing tiles and an internal fascia gutter. Today, many of these are losing the stone chip, and gutters are rusting out or overflowing back inside the house. KBP are the local specialists in resolving these issues. Sure there are companies that can re-coat stone chips over the old fatigued original tiles, but for not much more we can replace them with new coloursteel tiles - end result is a new roof.


We can replace rusted fascia gutter, add more down pipes or overflows, replace the fascia panel if required or even change it to conventional spouting.


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