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Water Protection

  • Safe water collection, storage and delivery
  • Filtration options to remove contaminates or chemicals
  • Temperature check to avoid bacteria growth
  • IQP Backflow Accredited
  • IQP Survey Accredited

Clean water - it's a big deal.

It's a lot more than just drinking water. It's also the water we bathe in and the water we use for cooking. It's the water we wash our hands in, wash our clothes in, feed our pets with and water our garden vegetables with. Contamination in water supplies if often invisible and can have a subtle effect on our lives at first, but can develop into something serious.

Often water supplies are taken for granted and it's not until there is an issue that investigations begin. KBP are very proactive in this area as we understand that different minerals or additives can have an effect on your health. We understand that how water smells and tastes is an indicator that something may not be right. 

Interested or concerned about the water you are exposed to daily? Then you need to talk to our team.




One of the simplest forms of protecting water supplies is a water filter.

We can install a small one for drinking water, or a large one for the whole house, we even cater for commercial water filter installations.


DSCF0034.JPGKBP are backflow specialists.

We provide a full solution service to protect portable water supplies including: Investigation, reporting, design, installation, commissioning, servicing, certifying and 12a Compliance schedule processing.


From hair salons & cafe dishwashers to dairy sheds and right up to the largest industrial requirements, we can do it all!

Water Concerns?

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